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Before booking escorts from our agency, you should know that we do not share their private numbers with any clients. We strongly recommend that all communication with our escorts be conducted through Diva Diamonds and we have teams of dedicated phone operators who are always available and ready to help every client who is booking escorts.

But, that said, after hiring an escort the escorts can give their numbers to clients when they meet them if they choose to do so. It’s all up to them.

Booking escorts is just like dating a regular girl. Indeed our escorts are regular girls who enjoy the same things as you do. But with one exception- hen you date our escorts they are absolutely committed and dedicated to you and you alone during the call. You become the master and the escorts are 100% at your beck and call. Always ready to fulfill your every whim and desire.

Diva Diamonds primarily deals with scheduling calls between our escorts and clients. However, we retain no control over the actions that the two may choose to engage in during the call. If the escort wants to have sex with you, good for you. If not then try finding one who will.

Again, we have all kinds of escorts and if that’s your thing then you will find a sweet bombshell ready to get down and dirty with you.

Steps for booking escorts

  1. Identify the right escort. Explore the escort profiles on this website and find an escort who matches what you are looking for.
  2. Check availability. We always have escorts available any time of day and night so check to find out which ones are available at the time you plan to schedule a call.
  3. Book the call.

It is easy to book an escort from our agency. Simply browse through our list of available escorts here and once you find the one you want then you can complete the form below to schedule a call with her.

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