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The purpose of having escort frequently asked questions is usually to simplify the process of hiring  an escort. You should start by reading this section if this is the very first time you are hiring an escort. Hiring an escort from our agency is a straight forward affair that should only take a few steps and a couple of minutes. To find out more, please read below

escorts phone numbers

As a rule, we do not give out escorts phone numbers to any clients. We strongly recommend that all communication with our escorts be conducted through us. We have teams of dedicated phone operators who are always available and ready to help. But the escorts can give their numbers to clients when they meet them if they choose to do so. It’s all up to them.

dating escorts

Dating escorts is just like dating a regular girl. Indeed our escorts are regular girls who enjoy the same things as you do. But with one exception. When you date our escorts they are absolutely committed and dedicated to you and you alone during the call. You become the master and the escorts are 100% at your beck and call always ready to fulfill your every whim and desire.

sex with a escort

Many clients often ask who can have sex with a escort. Anyone can hire an escort from Diva Diamonds provided that they pass our vetting process. Naturally, our escorts need to be protected from shady characters too. So we might need to collect information from new clients and vet them first before booing them on calls. A better question is who cannot hire an escort- criminals.

visiting escorts

Finding a visiting escort is usually not easy. But Diva Diamond escorts operate within the greater London area. We have both local and visiting escorts. Whether you want a local British escort or you are looking for an exotic beauty, you can find them all right here!

dating escorts
Dating escorts

We have escorts who are happy to come to you and show you magic in the bedroom and we have escorts who just want to have a good time with you outdoors. That means that our escorts offer all kinds of services and it’s up to you to decide on the right one. Why don’t you explore our escort profiles and find out what dating escorts from us involves? It’s free!

Escorting is, by the strictest definition, about selling time and companionship. It does not necessarily have to involve any exchange of sexual favors at all and there are tons of escorts in the UK who make thousands of pounds without ever engaging in sex. But here is the truth- most of these escorts have something very special to offer to clients. Majority of clients do not and will not see the sense in booking an escort if there is not going to be any intimate contact involved.

We respect the rights of our escorts. We do not impose any control measures on our escorts and they are free to do as they please. The relationship between our agency and our escorts is a willing buyer-willing seller relationship and we trade in services. The services in which we trade are time and companionship and that is important to recall when dating escorts.

It is hard to side step the issue of sex when dating escorts mainly because of the fact that most men will not see much sense in booking an escort who does not offer any sexual favors and they do not think they are getting value for money. So escorts who offer sexual favors tend to get more clients and to make more money. To even further this argument, you have to remember that getting paid for sex is not illegally in the UK provided that some specific conditions are met.

We understand that everyone is different- that goes for both clients and escorts. It is for this reason that we endeavor to give our clients as much variety as possible when they are hiring an escort. The best way to go about hiring an escort is to start be knowing what you want.

Do you want a sophisticated and classy lady to accompany you to an event?

Or are you in the mood for some hot bedroom action with a sexy bombshell who has no inhibitions?

Once you know what you want, you can browse through our list of call girls and find and escort who meets your desires. But then again, if you are not sure about what you want- or this is your first time- then you can start by exploring the escort profiles here and see what services our escorts are offering.

visit escorts

We only offer out call services. That means that once you book a call, our visiting escorts will be brought to you and you do not have to come to us physically. Convenient right?

There are no extra charges for bringing our escorts over to you at your preferred meeting place. Every escort of course has the right to make her own private arrangements and as an agency we advise that you run everything through us first before agreeing to different arrangements to ensure you get the best quality services.


To hire a escort from Diva Diamonds, you must first know that all our escort girls set their own rates which are usually pegged to a time scale. Some escorts charge more while others charge less. The best way to find out how much it costs to hire and escort is by exploring the escort profiles right here on this website.


Visiting an escort from Diva Diamonds is easy. It only takes a couple of steps and a few short minutes to book a call with our escorts. Here is how;

  • Step 1; identify the right escort. Explore the escort profiles on this website and find an escort who matches what you are looking for.
  • Step 2- check availability. We always have escorts available any time of day and night so check to find out which ones are available at the time you plan to schedule a call.
  • Step 3- book the call. There are many ways to do this. The first solution to visiting escorts from our agency is by giving us a call.

sex with escorts

Diva Diamonds primarily deals with scheduling calls between our escorts and clients and not sex with escorts. However, we retain no control over the actions that the two may choose to engage in during the call. If the escort wants to have sex with you, good for you. If not then try finding one who will. Again, we have all kinds of escorts and if that’s your thing then you will find a sweet bombshell ready to get down and dirty with you.

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escort frequently asked questions

The above list of escort frequently asked questions is not conclusive but we hope  it should be enough to get you started. If the information that you are looking for is not contained within these escort frequently asked questions then please feel free to contact us directly.