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Melanie Trumps in Escort Girl Lawsuit

The High Court in London yesterday made a landmark ruling in a defamation case filed by former model and current American First Lady Melania Trump. In the case, Mrs. Trump had sued the UK’s daily mail for slander and defamation over an article that they published last year. In the article, the writers claimed that Mrs. Trump may have engaged in more activities besides modelling and that she also worked as an escort girl while modelling.

London Escort Girl

Escort services in London are not illegal and the laws make a clear distinction between escorting and prostitution. It is actually a very respectable and rewarding job when approached and executed correctly. There are tons of British escorts who have managed to create and sustain comfortable livelihoods while working as professional escorts. It is therefore likely that the settlement was occasioned not by the fact that Mrs. Trump felt insulted by being called an escort girl but rather simply because the details of the allegations were not accurate.

escort girlIn addition to suing the Daily Mail in London, Melania Trump also sued their online publication, the Mail Online in New York. The UK settlement is supposed to cover both lawsuits although there was no claim of Melania ever having worked as an escort girl in the US.

According to court ruling, the Associated Press was ordered to pay up to $3 million in costs and damages to Mrs. Trump. This is a far cry from the over $300 million that she had originally asked for but it is still a staggering amount. That much is particularly true when you consider the weight of the questions at hand and the evidence surrounding the case. In addition, the Daily Mail was also ordered to issue a formal apology to Melania for calling her an escort girl and to publish a retraction of the story. They did both yesterday.

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