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Style, beauty, intelligence…Monique. Her aquamarine eyes illuminate her face in stunning contrast to her dark hair and fair skin emphasizing her natural beauty. A talented horseback rider, Monique is intuitively perceptive and spontaneously responsive.

An actress, model and insightful delight, Monique has just returned from the US, the place she called home for two years. There she hosted various corporate events with her bright smile and sharp stand-up. A woman on her track to success, indulge in the warmth of this brunette escort while you can…Exclusively for those appreciative of a sophisticated, beautiful woman.


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Overall Rating: 5

    By: Dalton Opiyo | 4 years ago

    you look awesome…..can i contact you directly?

    By: Oliver | 4 years ago

    Definitely one of the best escorts I ever met

    By: William | 4 years ago

    Amazing, that is all I can say