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Are you in the mood for something wild?
Then come and meet Naomi, a sexy tigress in lingerie who knows how to put a new meaning into the word “wild”. And even more into the word “Hot”.
This stunning brunette escort with an hourglass figure and with a piercing blue eyes will surely blow your mind inside and outside the bedroom. She maybe wild in private, if you wish her so, but on the streets she is a classy lady who will stun you with her manners and eloquence and make you feel like royalty anywhere you two might go. Being a French native on one side, she embodies the best manners and elegance that European upbringing has to offer. This makes her the perfect lady and date for any occasion and she will keep her wild sexy side hidden for when the two of you are finally alone.

Speaking of privacy, she is also of Asian descent so she brings a taste of oriental excitements in everything that she does. Whether it is a relaxing oriental massage in which she is especially good at or something more, she is always keen and excited to please you. And after relaxing you, her passionate nature can make your wildest dreams come true. If you are that lucky.
So any moments that the two of you might spend together will be time to remember for the rest of your life.

“My greatest desire is to please the man I am with. Completely and totally. That is what turns me on the most. My greatest pleasure“, she said to us. And that is the main reason why she decided to become an escort. This stunning brunette with great tights and gorgeous curls might look powerful and dominant on her pictures but the truth is that her greatest turn on is to submit to a man and to make his every dream come true. And since we also spoke of royalty, this beautiful escort surely knows how to treat you like a king and to make your every desire come true. That is exactly what you will feel like as long as you are with her.
What more could you possibly want?

Like we said, Naomi is a beautiful mix of French and Asian descent and she holds a degree from one of the London’s top universities. Her smoldering gaze coupled with her elegant demeanor put her in a class all her own. An accomplished singer, her guiltiest indulgence is a night at the opera.

You need only into her feline eyes to fall prey to her catlike seduction. This French escort is fast becoming a striking presence in the modeling circuit, so make your acquaintance while you can.


2 reviews for “NAOMI

Overall Rating: 5

    By: Michael | 4 years ago

    Absolutely marvelous. I will be back

    By: Wiksman | 4 years ago

    An experience I will never forget